Gurts Milk Surp – A 100% Natural Peppermint Goat Milk Soap Recipe

made with goat milk

This recipe replaces the water normally used with goat milk, but is otherwise a straightforward Cold Process soap recipe.

Making soap with milk required a few extra steps and a bit more care than using water or herbal tea/infusion as I’d done before, but I read a few online guides including this one. I froze the milk before adding the lye to try to reduce any ‘browning’ of the finished soap due to the heating caused by adding the lye. Because milk contains sugars this would happen at the higher temperature I normally blend at. Once I had the soap in moulds I also put it straight in the freezer – this has the effect of stopping the soap from going through gel stage and results in a whiter bar in the end. Doesn’t make a difference to the properties of the soap as far as I can tell but it does affect colour.

Mixing the lye with frozen milk resulted in a final temperature of my lye/water mix of only about 65°F (18°C) – so not much above room temperature. I added the lye to the milk   v e r y   s l o w l y   . . .  The oils once the solids had melted was at about 80°F (25°C). Actually they were ‘just’ melted. Advice I’ve read recommends trying to get both within about 10°F of each other when mixed, but I took a chance and just went for it .. seems to have come out fine. As a safety check I did a ‘zap test’ (stuck a finished/cured bar on my tongue .. if there is a lye problem you’re meant to feel a tingle, like if you stick one of those oblong 9v batteries on your tongue) and it passed the test. Didn’t taste great – but I have no plans to start eating soap.

I added French Green Clay – might have bought the wrong kind as it’s not very green, and I forgot to blend it with a little water first – just threw it in – which has resulted in a few bits/lumps in the bars. This may horrify many of you but I do tend to start with very good intentions and measure everything exactly, then in the heat of the moment I sometimes ad-lib 🙂 It still feels great to use though.

I used whole goat milk (full fat) and it’s produced a really good bar of soap.

INCI Ingredients – Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Sodium Tallowate – Adeps Bovis, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Batch Manufactured Date : November 29th 2014

This fills a 1.5ltr mould.

Liquid & Lye Portion:
• 137.15 grams lye (7% superfat)
• 380 grams goat milk (full fat/whole milk – frozen)

Oil Portion (1000 grams total):
• 450 grams extra virgin olive oil (45%)
• 250 grams grass-fed home-rendered beef tallow (25%)
• 225 grams pure coconut oil (22.5%)
• 75 grams castor oil (7.5%)

At trace, add:
• Peppermint Essential Oil (45g)
• 1 or 2 tsps French Green Clay


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