Soap Kills Coronavirus

“You can’t, even for a million dollars, get a drug for the coronavirus – but your grandmother’s bar of soap kills the virus.”

This article from the Guardian back in March reminded me that soap kills viruses, and got me making even more soap.

We’ve all learned how to wash our hands properly in the last few weeks. Some folks do simply think that washing with soap and water washes the virus off of our hands – and that you need ‘hand sanitiser’ to really kill a virus.

High alchohol hand sanitiser has it’s place in our fight against Covid 19 and is a fast, portable and easy way to protect ourselves and others against the virus. Many people are reporting sore cracked hands through repeated use of high alchohol hand sanitiser, which can strip the natural oils from our skin.

Natural soap with glycerin kills viruses, is kind to hands and with added essential oils nourishes and cleanses thoroughly.

I’ve been making soap and sharing with friends and family for years, though not been great at updating this blog. Same friends and family have encouraged me to start making my soap available to buy locally, so I’ve started to do that through a Facebook Shop.

Initially I’ve made ‘melt and pour’ style of soap, using a commercial soap base and adding essential oils. This means the soap can be ready in a couple of days, rather than 6 weeks or more for Cold Process soap.

PM, TT & EU may 2020

People seem to like it, and getting out on my bike to deliver is good excercise!

Meanwhile I will get back to distilling my own essential essential oils and making lots of soap. 🙂

Stay Safe – #nowwashyourhands

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